Saturday, April 07, 2007

Brantano - not my favourite company

The Brantano adverts on tv really irritate me.

Liking shoes is not in-built in women. The shoe-shaped node in the female brain and "Dr Brantano" are bloody stupid and reductive concepts that don't make me feel that Brantano want female shoppers, they make me think the company has Daily Mail style underlying misogynism.
Ironic as my bottom.

You know what? Some women don't like or are indifferent to shoe-shopping #gasp#. Immediacy is not the be and end all of a shopping trip and women are not so superficial that trying on some shoes will cure all ills. I wish it bloody did.

I like shoes, but having been patronised by Brantano, I shall not be patronising them.


Twizi said...


Shoe shopping is a nightmare - I despise having to walk round loads of shops and either never see any I like or see some I like but they never have my size or they aren't comfy. My mum obviously didn't bind my feet tight enough as a child so I could buy loads of lush fancy heels... or am I just too sensitive in the foot department when it comes to blisters...?

Hippernicus said...

Hello! I was thinking of you when I was thinking of shoe-shopping trips. :D