Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Badtime rowtine

It has been ascertained by rational minds that pyjamas are the source of all modern malaise.

We know they are evil.

Perhaps not in themselves, but what they represent. Of themselves, they seem innocuous even rather attractive, with their Thomas the Tank Engine logos and patterns. One might even imagine oneself wearing such garb and admire the smiling face of the really useful engine, while contemplating how splendidly trainy one would look dressed in them. But we must not allow ourselves to be lulled by their apparent charms, for we are on a slippery slope if we permit pyjamas. Once pyjamas are accepted, it leads inevitably to the bedtime kiss from Daddy, the horrors of tooth-brushing, the positively demonic story-telling and from thence it is inevitable that the blanket-covering and the night-night from Mummy will follow. Not forgetting the door-closing and the dimming of lights.

This is why it is imperative to resist from the first sign of pyjamas.

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