Thursday, February 15, 2007

A fine romance

I'm not very romantic, but we ended up having a relatively slushy evening for us. I gave M a card in the morning, at which he was aghast (as we'd said we do nothing as it's commercialised, I'm as romantic as a brick, and it seems a waste of money). It wasn't much above nothing, I thought, but he seemed to think it was.

Anyway, in the evening he returned with a bottle of Baileys and packet of Jaffa Cakes :D. Then he cooked Thai Green curry, which we ate while watching the Brits, followed by Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

And we found heart shaped chocolates in the packet of misshapes I bought yesterday and stuck them to our foreheads. :D

Now that's womance!

We only saw the last hour or so of the Brits, so missed Amy Winehouse, whose voice I love. I was profoundly irritated by Oasis, whose bad boy act got old a long time ago. Liam's remark about 'not getting nominated for anything anymore so this shit will have to do' or something to that effect, was full of such winsome charm - what a nice boy! #Rolls eyes# His performance wasn't particularly good either: his vocals were poor. So I turned over quite quickly into their set.

Buzzcocks was funny. I was expecting the host to say something really vile to Preston (some schmuck from Celebrity Big Brother) as I'd heard he had walked out during the show, but what was said seemed pretty mild. Of course, the show is edited so we don't know if the hosty guy, Simon Amstell, had been worse. But anyway Preston didn't shine. His substitute did the part better. :D


Abby said...

I was just chatting about the Brits and Amy Winehouse with my school gate nemesis. Fancy that! I'd never heard of her before and now everyone's talking about her.

Well done to M for your romantic night. Sounds lovely!

Hippernicus said...

She's pretty new to me too - the first time she really came on my radar was when she appeared on Buzzcocks apparently in need of sobering up a while back, and I had no idea what her music was like & just thought how odd she was.

Then I heard her sing on Jools Holland's Hootenanny and thought her voice was incredible. Still odd, of course. :D