Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A thundering good day

The first day of January was a bit wild: thunder, lightning and a hailstorm.

I went out into the storm to check on the pony, but he was OK, standing with his back to the weather. When the thunder crashed, he flinched a bit, but he wasn't panicking so I went back in again quick-sharp! :D

Although I did stop to pick up a few hailstones to show the children up close. They were quite big balls, though I've seen bigger (f'narr).

I'm determined to cook more from scratch, get our finances straight and be more active this year. I'm not calling them resolutions, however, as those are just things you fail to do :D. I cooked a rather nice hotpot for tea, which S helped me with, and the children actually ate some of it.

Much of my problem with cooking is that I have, in the past, spent ages making food, only for them to turn their noses up. Cooking and preparing for an hour only to scrape it all into the bin doesn't make you want to repeat the effort, after a while. I suppose an alternative would be to make them sit there until they ate it, but I'm anxious about making food an issue. It's a traditional battleground in parenting, as it's one of the first ways a child can challenge the adult and assert some independence.

I'm quite happy about how it worked out, and I intend to start cooking in bulk in order to freeze some for quick meals during the week. We have a chest freezer in mum's garage that we can store the excess in. With any luck it should mean spending less on shopping, which will go some way to helping us balance income against outgoings.

I live in hope, anyway. :D


Abby said...

I've got a really good shepherd's pie recipe from the BBC food magazine if you're interested. It's got Mexican spices in it - tasty! I wrote out some "resolutions" last night- none too hard. They were,
1. Don't get drawn into the concerns and trivial worries of the suburban deadheads I meet at the school gate.
2. Look after my health, try and resolve the TMJ problem in my jaw.
3. Be a good mum to Edmund, read up more on AS
4. Go to the Gym regulaly (an easy one to stick to).
5. Don't watch "Big Brother" this year- quality drama or nothing!
6. Finish my novel, market it, start a new one, but above all, keep writing!

When reviewing last years diary I was pleased to read how much novel writing I did. I want that to continue at the same rate. I was disappointed how much I cared about the T/C clan. I want to not care, hence my first resolution. I would like not to get drawn into suburban angst about schools and house prices and mortgages. I am thinking of spending one day a week up town, when the children are at school. I crave the anonymity of being up in London. I could just hang out in the Tate Modern all day, people watching. The people in there are so beautiful and gaudily dressed, I go more for the people than the art. I need something like that to break out of my routine and stay sane.

I hope you manage to find some cooking you like doing. I have the same food battle with T at the moment - she wants to make a big drama out of every mealtime, and we all take great pains not to notice her drama queen antics.

My children go back to school today and I'm stressed to death about their stupid gym kit bags. Where are all their shorts and teeshirts? Also, son is going to a tedious 3 hour party and I have to stay with him. T is going to spend the day with the T/C clan. Haha!! I keep ofering to babysit for them but they nearly never take me up on it. So I'll just take advantage of them instead. :)

Hippernicus said...

I'm interested!

Sound like some good resolutions there. :)