Saturday, January 06, 2007

Garlic breath

Last night I cooked from scratch meatballs in a spicy sauce. It turned out rather nicely, if I say so myself, although I had had my doubts at times. I felt really pleased with myself afterwards. I'm recording this emotion, because I find it so hard to motivate myself to cook, but actually I did enjoy making it and it did turn out jolly well. :D

I fear the house may smell of garlic breath this morning, however...

I think I'll make playdough for the children shortly then perhaps this afternoon we'll make jam tarts. Doesn't look like a day for going out too much.

On Thursday we watched the "last ever" episode of Green Wing, which was excellent. I was laughing really hard for most of it. I love the relationships between the characters, especially the love-hate semi-homoerotic one between Dr Alan Statham and Boyce. And of course Michelle Gomez as the deranged Sue White is always fabulous. :D I'm goping to have to buy the second series and this on DVD when I can. I hope it isn't really the end, but then I suppose to end like that is better than to drag on into dreariness, as some comedies do. For example, Red Dwarf, which was brilliant in its first few series, but lost its sparkle.

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