Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm all behind (although with quite a bit of front :P)

Still on catch-up:
on Wednesday I went to visit someone who I've met through the net, who lives in the same town. She seems really nice and makes a terrific carrot-cake. I didn't fancy the sound of it, so refused it at first, (politely in a sort of post-Xmas dieting way), but when she went out of the room, naughtily sampled a bit of the children's (which they were shamefully ignoring) and it was gorgeous. I felt quite comfortable with her and in her house, so hopefully we can build a friendship. I hoped she liked me.

I also heard that R and her fella have got themselves a house together! I'm so happy for her and it looks very nice. They're decorating at present but move in soon.

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Abby said...

Well done for being sociable!