Thursday, January 11, 2007

Future echoes of the bunnymen?

Having watched the Wright Stuff this morning, I've been thinking about hybrid embryo research and trying to work out what I think about it.

The reasons usually given against such research seem to be to do with meddling with nature/against God (which brings to mind the 1991 BBC drama mini-series Chimera where I think the cry was heard "It's an insult to nature and to God!") and at gut level, it feeling wrong somehow, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure a visceral reaction always likely to be the right response.

The idea that it's necessarily a slippery slope (slippery slope fallacy?) where research would be pushed on beyond the early cell-division stage and we would create 99% humans seems a bit far-fetched to me...

Why would we want bunnymen?
Just because?
I don't know, maybe...
To improve the carrot industry's prospects? :D

Alzheimer's and Motor Neurone disease are such dreadful illnesses. I have a very little (minescule in fact) experience of dealing with an Alzheimer's sufferer, and it's terrible. A son becomes the "man down the road".


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