Monday, January 29, 2007

Dawn of the dopey

Dawn of the Dead (the remake) was on tv last night. M and I watched it and then had a good old rant about how poor the survival skills of those people were. Blooming ridiculous.

Why on earth didn't they try to get a rope over to Andy's gun store so they could pass food to him and ship ammo back, and even eventually bring him over on it? Why send a dog?!

And why two buses? There weren't enough of them to need two buses.

Why drive like maniacs, when a bit of common sense and less panicking wouldn't have gone amiss? After all, they knew what they were going to be driving through: so what's with the swerving all over the road when there's no obstacle and hitting everything when a bit of good old steering-round things would work better?

Why crash into the quayside with the bus?

Why oh why did I watch that film?!

It was actually enjoyable enough, apart from the characters being quite so shakeable. :D

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Abby said...

I nearly saw that but then I thought, I don't like zombies, so I missed it.