Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yes, it's my 400th post on this blog ... and to celebrate I baked my first bread from scratch since Home Economics in the first year at secondary school. Well, not really, it's just the topic I wish to post about.

Considering I don't have a big enough mixing bowl, and don't have a tin suitable for baking a loaf in, it turned out rather well, I thought. :D Bit heavy, which is poor kneading, I think.

I hope to do this more often as beating up (or kneading, you might describe it as, less accurately) the dough was a most satisfactory exertion. And with any luck, some practice will lead to better bread. On payday I intend to outrageously spend money on a mixing bowl, electric hand-held mixer, spatula and bread tin in my mission to cook from scratch more.

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