Monday, December 11, 2006

Party time.

S's party went very well. It was like a military operation: the magician had sent an itinary and schedule, as well as name stickers, invitations and the like. I was also in good form, having planned things better and thought through everything better than I managed last year.

I took charge of buying the party food, as I hadn't really approved of M's choices the previous year: too many sweeties = hyper kiddies on suger highs, as if the excitement of a party isn't enough. So the only sweets there were on my watch, were lollies in the party bags. :D Not that there wasn't sugary stuff available, in the shape of jam tarts, butterfly buns and kitkats, but there was more savoury things, and even fruit(!) available. We got everything prepared in good time and arrived at the hall to set up on schedule, for once. :D

It had been a bit of a disaster last year, really, as the children weren't that well - but I couldn't cancel the party since I didn't have everyone's numbers. We didn't have an entertainer either, and miscalculated just how well party games would keep the children involved, (or would fail to, rather). Still, the children remembered it, so it must have been fun. It was just an absolute stress-fest for us adults. :D And the party bags ran out because a couple of siblings who came with the parents to pick up the children took bags too. Argh! I shudder at the memory.

I think the numbers this year were better too, as we ended up with 14 instead of the 20-odd previously. It's a learning curve, this children's event organising. By the time T starts having parties, we'll have it right, I reckon.

Anyway S loved it, and T had a whale of a time as well, and some of the children were lovely with him, helping him join in the games and dancing with him. Last year, he'd cried and clung most of the time, as he wasn't too well and was only diddy.

It probably cost slightly more doing it this way, but I don't think it was that much different in the end, as we over-bought and had to provide prizes as well last year, whereas this year the magician provided those. And the reduction in stress was incalculable! :D

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