Wednesday, November 01, 2006


S had a great time at the Halloween party.

The only problem we had was that she didn't win anything. She didn't win best fancy dress, she didn't win the dancing competitions, she didn't win any of the raffles, she didn't win pass-the-parcel. She took each disappointment well up until the end of the party, but when she realised she wasn't going to win anything at all, she got a bit tired and emotional. I find that quite hard to deal with: I should have distracted her with talk of sparklers when we got home, but my back was hurting (I slipped on the stairs a week ago and I hurt my bum-bum! I must have given my coccyx a good whack, cos I've been in pain ever since. If it goes on, I may have to go and see my GP about my broken bum.) and I'd been chasing T around the hall for two hours, rescuing him from underfoot, so my patience was evaporating by the end. I scooped her up and we danced & whopped the hanging skeletons in an effort to cheer her up (and knacker my back still further), so crisis averted.

Anyway, she'd had a great time apart from that and she looked brilliant in her vampire garb. T had a whale of a time too, and spent much of the party dancing in a jerky jumpy wobbly way that was unbearably cute. :D

Today the Peter Pan costume is getting another outing at school as it's yet another dress-up day.

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