Sunday, November 19, 2006

The perils of housework

We did some serious cleaning and tidying yesterday and it's like a weight has lifted. It's not that the house was filthy or anything, but it was cluttered, and every surface was loaded with thingie things. It feels nice now.

But tomorrow I have to open those binbags of discarded thingie things and hope to find my blasted train tickets. Oh fuck! (Sorry for the language, but it's justified). The tickets for my planned jaunt to London, the tickets for the first night I've had away in ages. Did I throw them out in a moment of crass stupidity? I can't find them right now, so it seems likely.

So I'll be the mad woman delving through bin-bags tomorrow morning. And T has had lots of vile nappies today, so it's going to be the most fun a dungbeetle could have.

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