Monday, November 20, 2006

A peculiar bird is the pelican

I was walking home from my Mum's when I saw a huge tropical bird, it was ostrich sized but more of a stork shape and had a pelican-esque beak. It was wandering the road, looking forlorn. It seemed friendly but I was still quite wary of it, thinking its beady little eyes were considering whether I might taste of fish. I managed to direct it into the pony field. When I shut the gate behind it, it fluffed up its cream coloured feathers and seemed happy enough to wander around the enclosure.

I started walking, wondering how to find its owner, and climbed the hill, where I saw a circus in the neighbouring field. It was an old-fashioned circus with animal acts. As I approached, I saw a man, who seemed to be in charge. I explained to the ring master that I thought I'd found a bird from the circus and he told me it must have got loose when they took the animals to water in the pony field. I headed off to bring him the bird, thinking I would lead it with a bit of string around its neck, only to find it wasn't there. I ran to my mum's intending to get a search party started, and worrying that the bird could fly after all, rather than being flightless as I had assumed. When I talked to mum, I discovered that she had called animal rescue. They knew where the bird had escaped from and had already come to take the bird away.

The ring master had lied!

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