Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I managed to stand on a lorry yesterday. Unfortunately I was stepping over something else so when my foot went down, it was full weight and there was no chance to pull back. It bled most excitingly and I swore most vilely. Blood blood everywhere! And that marvellous throbbing sensation, where you become aware of your own pulse and the blood being pumped round your body, and it feels concentrated at the wound. It was right before the school run, as well, so hurriedly trying to clean myself up and staunch the flow was just what I needed.

The lorry was OK, in the manner of lorries generally. Toy or full-size, they win their battles against flesh.

I have a limp now. I don't know whether I'm being a big wuss or whether I actually need to limp. :D

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Abby said...


I have zero tolerance. I hate lego. The children have learnt very quickly that if they leave lego bricks lying around the whole box is going straight in the bin. I've saved my feet lots of trip hazard injuries that way.