Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Picture the scene: I sat admiring the two golden heads of my children nestled together over a book... when that idyll was shattered by seeing S prepare to pinch T's upper arm. :(

I intervened and sent her to the naughty step, from where she sat shrieking "I'm sorry!" and "It was going to be (ha ha, note the tense) an accident!" in furious and rebellious tones. I was going to remove a marble (they collect marbles for good behaviour and lose them for really bad) but her screeching drove me over the edge: it didn't seem enough. So I put her to bed early, where at least her angry screams are muffled.

So she ended up with three punishments for essentially the same thing: an unfulfilled act against her little brother. :( (Although the tantrum/scream thing is not a good behaviour and she really needs to learn a bit of self-control).

I didn't handle that very well. :(

I suppose at least I didn't smack her bottom, as I was sorely tempted to do. Smacking is something I don't really agree with, as a form of discipline: especially when what I want to punish her for is hurting someone. I can understand why parents use it, tho', but think there are usually better alternatives.

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Abby said...

I smack far too much.

My son sometimes has tantrums and throws his bedding and toys around. I always say to him afterwards, what did that achieve? And he admits, nothing. It's something we are working on.