Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A god-shaped hole?

An intriguing question that has been posed, under the assumption that everyone has a god-sized hole in their psyche. I'm prepared to entertain the question, but I don't feel an absence. I feel no hole, I feel pretty whole :D.

Maybe I've filled it with something else? Maybe I've filled this alleged hole with something else, as suggested. What do I worship?

Haha, don't think so. I'm pretty well aware of my faults, and although I'm at the point of quite liking myself most of the time, worship is way off. There are lots of people smarter than me, funnier than me, more interesting than me, just plain nicer than me. (There are also people nastier, just so you don't think I've got a downer on myself).

I enjoy learning about the natural world and thinking about questions raised and theories suggested. Do I think it solves everything? No. There is still so much to learn about so many things. We're still discovering new species, for goodness sake. Does it always get everything right? No, scientists can be fallible and sometimes self-important, mistakes get made, all is subject to review. I see that as quite a positive thing, actually, the review part.

My husband?
Maybe, at one time, during the infatuation stage of the relationship. But now, no. Bloody love the bugger tho... It's hard to worship someone who piddles on the toilet seat.

Celebrities/famous figures?
Erm, I've never sent a fan-letter or got anyone's autograph or anything like that. Which is a shame really, as I daresay it's nice to have. I can appreciate people's achievements, talents or physical beauty but I can't think of anyone I hero-worship or have ever hero-worshipped... As a teen, I was a fan of various bands, and I remember being quite perturbed by Kurt Cobain's suicide. I identified with the music. I admire quite a few authors' writing. And Johnny Depp (only as Captain Jack Sparrow, you understand) is a bit phwoooar. I might watch their movie/read their book/see someone live but I don't have much interest in the person outside of their art. I tend to know very little about them.

And fade...

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