Sunday, November 12, 2006

Get orf moi land!

I spent some of this afternoon cutting down sycamore saplings.

I don't feel particularly great about that, but when it's a choice between the pony's grazing and growing myself a small wood, unfortunately the wood has to face the blade. A copse wouldn't provide enough nutrition for him, and anyway it's not my land to grow a wood on, even if I wanted to.

But I still feel a small irrational guilt about it.

The field is in an awful mess; it really needs a rest, feeding, and a bladed strimmer thingy to hack down the undergrowth that is trying to creep in. It's amazing how fast nature will grab back what we have taken. But resting it is just not possible as I don't have anywhere else to put the pony at the moment. In the Spring, it'll be worth dividing the land into two or three bits to let some recover, but for now I think that there's less impact with having him use the whole lot. He's in good condition for the winter tho, with a nice woolly coat. :D

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