Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Weighing heavier again

Today we had a paediatric appointment, and T was nice and heavy: he's grown taller as well, and the paediatrician was happy with him. Hurrah! For once I leave the hospital feeling OK and not full of self-doubt.

He has the milk challenge on the 24th, so hopefully we'll know where we are after that. I confess to some ambivalence about this test, because although I don't want him to be allergic or intolerant to dairy products, I also don't want to have removed dairy from his diet needlessly. It has all been on the advice of professionals, but ultimately... I'm his mum and I don't want to have messed up or failed him.

Anyway, before I think myself into a downer or confusion, let me refocus on the positives that came out of today: he's heavier and bigger, and the consultant is happy with how he's doing. Yay!

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