Monday, October 09, 2006

The weekend

This weekend we discovered we owned the most annoying toy in the world, without knowing it.

T has a silver car, and M was playing with it with him, when he saw it had a section to add batteries. So being of curious mind, he put in the batteries and switched it on. And lo, the most annoying toy ever invented began to sing and dance (in a car-ry way). It sings "I wanna kiss-kiss-kiss when the night is fine, whoah-whoah, I only kiss-kiss-kiss when the sun don't shine, whoah-whoah" over and over again: the same couple of lines endlessly. S sings it as "I wanna kiss-kiss where the sun don't shine" rather hilariously. The thing flashes its lights and its doors open & close, its sun roof goes up and down and it drives forward and back. It's loud and annoying, and it fills your senses with this repetitious tune that makes you want to strangle yourself with your own tongue.

And the kids love it.

But the joy of batteries is they run out, (or perhaps accidentally fall out).

We also went ice skating. I've never been before, and neither has S, but I wanted to try, and M was hung-over so while the girls wobbled round the edge, he entertained T. We were rubbish, but we enjoyed it and I think we'll try again.

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