Monday, October 02, 2006

Sound of Thunder

We watched a film called A Sound of Thunder last night on DVD. I only watched it all the way through because for once, I'd chosen what to rent. I thought it would be very bad form to wander off in the middle of something I'd picked, leaving M to sit through it. He never turns off a bad movie.

Blimey, it was pants!

Time travel themed stories have to be very clever if they're to work at all: it's very difficult to get right (or at all plausible). This film wasn't clever.

Sci fi films often contain some poor science, but if it's a fun enough movie you can put that aside and just enjoy it on a shallow level. But this was startlingly bad science, that kind of jumped out and waved its crotch at you! It was terrible. Waves of time changes that physically throw people? Oh please.

But the thing that made me want to beat my head against the wall was the "we are the last creatures to evolve, so we'll be the last to change" angle. Yes, I know it was just a plot device. Grrrrr. Arrrrghhh!

Another misrepresentation of evolution to add to the myriad. (Not that I'd been aware of such things until I started watching/participating in on-line debates with US fundamental Christians. I don't mind people disagreeing about such issues, but deliberate propagation of misconceptions ticks me off. Argue about what it's really about, not what you pretend it is! Blah.)

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Abby said...

ROFL @ "waves its crotch at you". :)

I can hardly ever get Splee to sit through a movie I've picked. So well done!