Thursday, October 19, 2006

So am I in a good mood? No, I am not...

The boy is sickening. It's just a cold, but he cries when he coughs and he's all grumpy & oozing. But it doesn't stop him trying to leg it endlessly when I'm trying to get to the bank, oh no. I'm going to have to get him reins, I think, as now he can run, he likes to run everywhere. He's getting the notion of the road/pavement distinction, but he's too little to be relied upon and too fast to predict. S spent more time in the pushchair at his age, because we lived in a town centre and I rarely drove anywhere.

M got his car clamped in Birmingham and had to pay £80 to get it released. We now have bugger all money until payday. Which isn't too far away, at least, but given his other crimes against the budget this month, makes me apt to kick his arse when he gets in the door. Although when I see him my crossness will just go "phut" and I'll just be glad to see him... The arse! :D

I think I'll have to call off the ice-skating this evening as it's not fair to expect Mum and step-dad to look after T in his state. (Not to mention the financial issue). Last year they caught some bad flu/colds from us, and it knocked them silly for ages. They get flu jabs every year cos of his diabetes, etc, but it didn't manage to save them from our lurgies. I'll have to steer clear of them for a few days. No sherry for me then. :D

So am I in a good mood? No, I am not.

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