Monday, October 30, 2006

Close to Dye-saster

I suddenly decided to colour my hair yesterday, which I haven't done since T was born. I was confident about it, because it has never gone wrong in the past, perhaps too confident. :)

My first mistake was probably having used nit-lotion that day, and my second to have washed my hair only 15 minutes or so beforehand. (It specifically says not to shampoo hair beforehand). And my third was probably ignoring the time limit for leaving the dye on.

The result was fascinating: my hair took the colour well, but I'm afraid I opened a rip in the fabric of time/space and a pink blob creature from another dimension attempted to conquer my scalp. No matter how much I washed it, it oozed and stickied up my hair. I could shape it in interesting ways, poke it up in a mohican, spike it out like an even madder version of Bjork... I felt sure it would harden like a rock! :D I spent about two hours combing out that gunk, since water just seemed to encourage it, and went to bed in the conviction that I would awake with stegosaurus plates upon my head.

However today it seems the blob gave up and went home to Cthulhu. You'd never know the trauma I went through. (Well, actually I sniggered a lot... I make myself laugh! Such a dope).

The colour is a sort of purple/brown. Not too clear on this photo, but I quite like it. I just hope the blob doesn't return when I wash it again. :D

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