Sunday, October 29, 2006


I'm pleased to have come across this site, which seems to be some Christian geologists trying to defuse the science/religion debate, and say it is possible to combine scientific study with their theology.

Some of the Young Earth people, I have issues with, as they seem totally prepared to throw out anything that doesn't jive with an absolutely literal reading of Genesis. They give the impression that they think it must be a lie and the scientific community are conspiring to keep the truth concealed!

8) Ahem.

I'm not a great one for conspiracy theories, they're fun to play about with, but I'm inclined to lean towards the most parsimonious explanations being more likely than the most convoluted.

The Young Earth view smacks of the Omphalos hypothesis to me, and I think that leads to the position that nothing can be known/verified and we might as well throw it all out, as far as I can tell. Sort of solipsistic: it could be true, but where does it leave us?

I knew I'd get back to this eventually. :D

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