Sunday, September 24, 2006

Toylet trade

I've seen some sincerely horrible children's toys advertised on tv this morning.

Case 1: Winx Bloom styling head. It puckers up. Case 2: My Scene dolls, which change expression. Case 3: A baby doll that moves its mouth to say things.

Yeuch. It's not right, it's just freaky and not right!

I thought baby Chou-Chou was bad enough.


Abby said...

Adverts on children's telly are awful. They don't seem to affect my children, just me. My desire for toys is still there even though I'm too old to play with them - it's just like how I get just as excited by a big range of Playmobil toys in a shop as I did when I was 10. It seems sick, somehow! :)

I've given up telly altogether. The children don't even miss it. They haven't asked about telly for weeks now, they accept the status quo. Their play is much more imaginative.

Sorry, sound very holier than thou, just shoot me! :)

Hippernicus said...


I've reduced the telly-watching, but we generally have it on for an hour before breakfast, and limited times throughout the day. They play loads more, and in their room much more than before, so it's good. You don't sound holier than thou. :D