Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some days

Some days you want people to notice you.

Some days you want them to say, "For fuck's sake, why didn't you email me?","Why are you so fucking slack?" Perhaps without the eff-words. :)

Some days you want to go back to places you know the people will say hello, even infernal internet places.

Sometimes I need a kick up the arse, dear readers: sometimes, it's good for me. I think that if you tell me what you need out of our friendship, it probably won't be wasted on me. Edited to add more vagueness, as there are no guarantees with me. :)

But hints are. M still hints what he wants, (when it comes to non-sex things :D!) and it gets him nowhere!

Spell it out, brethren.


Gamer_Dude said...

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Hippernicus said...

But I don't have a Gameboy Advance!

Does this mean we're over?

Abby said...


But he seemed such a lovely boy!

Don't feel guilty lurking, I went back to the BBC board today just cos Splee wouldn't let me log onto the IMDb all day.... although I told him to lock me out of the IMDb.

When the computer just pisses me off with its boringness, that's the time to turn off and read a friggin' book.

Hope your day improves honeybunny.