Thursday, September 07, 2006

Out out damn Spot

You once were a faithful dog, but now you're not.

An explanation for my slack housekeeping may be that I have a nice clear conscience.

Cleaning your conscience.

"To test his hypothesis, the team asked volunteers to focus on ethical or unethical deeds from their past before participating in various exercises. Those who focused on immoral actions were more likely to select activities or products that involved cleaning, such as selecting an antiseptic wipe over a pencil as a freebie for taking part in the study.

In the final experiment, participants were asked to focus on an example of unethical behaviour from their past and were then given the option to wash their hands. Participants were then asked whether they would volunteer without pay to help a desperate graduate student out of a tight spot.

Seventy-four percent of those who had not washed their hands offered to help, while only 41% of those who had washed volunteered."

I'm practising this one: do you think it'll convince M?

No ma'am, I'm just being daft. Gimme the bleach, please.

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