Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bit o' Bruce, bit o' Bean

We recently watched Bruce Willis looking very careworn in Sixteen Blocks on DVD at home (this last detail of where watched is significant because I always sit through movies at the cinema. At home, I lose interest fairly easily and start doing other things or go to bed).

Anyway, I watched Sixteen Blocks all the way through, which says something positive about it. :D

It was interesting enough to reprimand(:P) M for starting to tell me how wrong it was that Bruce didn't just hail a cab. His woolly suspenders had slipped a bit. But I was enjoying it anyway. Bruce did old and alcoholic well and the twist was nicely done. I wasn't sure I was really convinced that Bruce's character could reform, but it had that kind of Shawshankian feel-good redemption aspect.

I did find Mos Def somewhat irritating in the movie: he had a very nasal voice. I don't know if that was part of his characterisation or his natural speech.


Silent Hill, which we had on DVD last night, I gave up on fairly early. The adoptive mother was mad as a balloon. If you have a daughter who sleepwalks and who evidently has night-terrors related to a mysterious ghost town that she may have lived in before you adopted her, do you drive off in the middle of the night, taking the daughter with you to the strange town? When a cop tries to stop you on the highway and you see a signpost to this town, do you suddenly hare off towards the town, terrifying your child in your crazy drive and hotly pursued by the police? It's loopy and not what you would do in the best interests of the child. You might want to investigate the town, but why not check it out alone (or better yet, with an adult or two or three or four million?) Why take the child? If it was a place that has traumatised her to that extent, it doesn't seem the wisest move.

I got too impatient with the protagonist of the film to continue watching. M watched the whole thing and occasionally would hoot in disbelief and have a mini-rant. :D It was funny how the lead character would spend most of her time running away and screaming, yet she would say all the heroic "we can do this!" type of things. Sean Bean, (an actor of whom we are fond, as M loves Sharpe) had a bit of a dodgy American accent. It was not his finest hour, I think.

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