Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hmmph. I really need some advice ... or an art teacher to help me with this. I'm almost getting what I want, but not quite, all the time. It helps looking at it on screen, a bit like walking away from it for a while and viewing from a distance can. There are lots of bits that aren't right: mouth, nose, jaw-line ... and I'm not sure how to correct them or whether this picture is salvageable at all.

There are some evening classes starting up soon, so maybe there's a drawing class I could join. If time/money etc allow.

M went for an interview for a job higher up in his company, and he got it. Of course, being the all-around smarty-pants and splendid fellow that he is. :) He starts on the 12th of September. It is more 9 to 5 hours, so he'll be able to see S more, as when she is at school with his current hours, he ends up only seeing her on Saturday mornings & Sundays. But it may adversely affect my chances of getting to the gym and starting to volunteer at school.


Abby said...

Congrats to he the man who!

You're a 9 to 5 wife, me too! What a quinceydince.

Also, I'm getting into art as well, I painted a picture of my friend's son today. It is like we are twins separated at birth!

Hippernicus said...