Saturday, August 05, 2006


A new addition to the family.

Eloisa the tiny caterpillar.

S rescued "her" from a spider's web and thus the creature has exchanged possible dinner รก deux with a spider for a spell in an ex-mayonnaise correctional facility. I hope she isn't considering popping her clogs and will fulfil her potential of becoming a butterfly, otherwise it'll be disappointing for S, who is most excited about the prospect. She wanted to take her to bed with her last night.

I'm not sure which particular plant she eats so we bunged a variety of leaves from the vicinity inside. Hopefully one will be suitable.

Every night I'm there
I'm always there
She knows I'm there and heaven knows
I hope she goes (Eloise)
I find it hard to realise
That love was in her eyes
It's dying now
She knows I'm crying now

And every night I'm there
I break my heart to please
Eloise Eloise
You know
I'm on my knees yeah

I said please
You're all I want so hear my prayer
My prayer
My Eloise
is like the stars that please the night
The sun that makes the day
That lights the way (Eloise)
And when that star goes by
I'll hold it in my hands and cry
Her love was mine
You know my sun will shine

You're all I want you've got to hear my prayer
My prayer
My Eloise
I'd love to please her
I'd like to care but she's not there
And when I find you
I'd be so kind
you'd want to stay
I know you'd stay

And as the days grow old
The nights grow cold
I wanna hold her near to me
You know she's dear to me
And only time will tell
And take away this lonely hell
I'm on my knees to my Eloise

You are my life so hear my prayer
You are the prize
I know you're there
I know you're there
You're all I want
you gotta hear my prayer
Yeah yeah yeah
You're all I need but you're not there
Oh no you're not there
No no no no
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
My Eloise
Oh I'd love to please her

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