Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Apparently more properly: cryonics.

On the radio today, they were talking about a couple who intend to have themselves frozen at death in order to be thawed out & cured in the future. It's just a baby technology at the moment, where they have no idea whether it will be possible to revive someone, whether the cryogenic procedure will preserve the body & brain effectively. It could be merely a very expensive funeral.

What I wonder about is whether in the future, people will want to revive these bodies?

I would assume that the companies that do this will have a responsibility to ensure that should the technology allow it, it would be used to revive them. But with over-population and depletion of natural resources, I wonder what a future society might think about adding these dinosaurs to its number. There might be interest in them as voices from the past?

I suppose Futurama's premise could become a reality. :D A pizza delivery boy could become a pizza delivery boy of the future.

I just wonder how well they would be able to adapt to a more advanced society, and what they would have to offer that society. Would they have money? (Presumably they leave their money to their families to inherit? What if their descendants piss it all away or their family line dies out?) Would they have the skills to get work? Would they have family? Imagine starting out with nothing, everyone you knew dead, knowing no-one, in a strange like-but-not-like kind of world.

I guess it would depend on how long it would take for technology to be able to revive them: perhaps things wouldn't be that different. Or perhaps it would be a Star Trek stylee Utopia. :D or a Judge Dredd type dystopia :0.

It seems an awful waste of money to me and I don't really get the motivation. Why the desire to live at any cost? I never do understand the apparent desire for immortality some have. Curious.

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