Friday, August 18, 2006


Yesterday we went to see the new Pixar/Disney movie Cars. It was your typical kids-CGI fare and quite good fun.

S's favourite bit was the tractor-tipping scene, which she relayed to my Gran in great detail today. I'm fairly sure Gran had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, but she made encouraging noises anyway, bless her. :D

As ever John Ratzenberger, who has voiced a lot of parts in Pixar movies (and was Cliff Claven in Cheers, I believe) had a part in the movie; during the end-credits, his character was at a drive-in watching all these car-versions of Pixar movies and commenting on his own performances. Which amused me.

T enjoyed the beginning of the cinema trip, his first ever. He liked the trailers best, I think. They were short enough to keep his interest, and he said "all gone" at the end of each one. He liked the cars in the feature itself, but got restless after a while, trundling about in the row. It was an afternoon performance, and not a busy one, so we had a row of seats to ourselves. He got a bit cross when I wouldn't let him out of our row, but after a while settled down for a kip and S & I enjoyed the second half of the movie undisturbed. He was pretty good for a not-yet 2 year old.

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Abby said...

I missed that one but my Mr took the children to see it. I kind of wish I had seen it. I wish I'd seen Superman Returns. I seem to keep on missing the big films I want to see. I saw "Over the Hedge" and have to say most of it was tedious rubbish. The music over the end credits was a song that was a damning indictment of the emptiness and wastefulness of modern consumer culture... seemed really weird to hear such a subversive message in a film like that! One of the lyrics was something like, drive an expensive car to the job you do in order to pay for the expensive car... seemed to be a hymn to the mindlessness of the rat race!