Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Turned out right nice again

After all the belly-aching and fear-mongering, the weather didn't live up to its "rep", here, anyway. It was sweltering this morning, and the school was allowing parents to take their children home at midday if they wanted, in anticipation of ludicrously hot temperatures. But instead it clouded over and occasionally gave some light rain.

M went to see if S wanted to come home, on his way to work at around noon. She had said she would only want to stay at school if her best friends were staying too, when I discussed it with her in the morning. But I hadn't seen those parents that morning to ask, so that's why M had to take a detour to see what she wanted to do. I was really indecisive this morning. Anyway, they were staying on, so she decided she would too. M saw her best friend's Mum, who asked S to tea after school. Which was nice. I shall have to ask her over at the weekend.

It did mean that S missed her football, but I don't suppose it matters.

It just struck me how odd it is to be blogging about the weather, but oh well. :)

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