Friday, July 07, 2006

The Invasion of Silas Greenback

This morning I came into the living room and as I turned on the light, something scuttled under the sofa.

Being of infinite courage :P, I carefully raised the bottom of the sofa and peered under. And there I saw a toad's backside. He moved pretty quickly when I tried to grab him, but eventually I captured the beast. :D

I showed him to T, who was profoundly unimpressed, until it tried to do a death-defying leap from my hand, which he thought hilarious. I was tempted to keep it for S to look at when she comes home from school, but M pointed out she might want to keep it. So I released the misadventuring creature back into the wilds of the garden and it vanished into the grass. Without so much as a "poop poop" or backward glance.

I think it may have come in while M was having a fag at the door last night. #Channeling Python# He's a very naughty boy.

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