Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Here comes another one, just like the other one

It was the school's country dance today. I got there early this time, since last year had been a bit of a débacle.

I found a space to put T's pushchair, next to C's mum and her son in his pushchair, so the two could eye each other and blow raspberries. I was standing, but that was ok. We were right behind the children's seats, so could actually see something this year. :D

A rather inconsiderate woman put her massive pushchair next to me, and buggered off with her baby to get seats elsewhere. It was one of those 3-wheeled cross-country type things, with virtually bicycle-size wheels, that look as though off-roading across the Pennines would be no trouble. The SUVs of the pushchair world. It effectively took up four or five standing places for other parents, and I was tempted to move the thing in her absence. But then I had visions of her raging out of the crowd to complain about anyone touching it and I also feared moving would allow a surge of people into my space. I tried to say to the couple who were being kept back by the beast, that she was sitting elsewhere and perhaps wouldn't mind if they shifted it (? Maybe! :D), but they didn't hear me, and I didn't feel inclined to repeat myself.

In the end I profited by her lack of consideration for others, as I had plenty of room and wasn't in danger of losing my place. No crowding, no blocking, no heads in the way of my photos. :D Although my camera is hopeless for these types of events, as it has no zoom, so the best I can ever get is a vague shot of children milling about in the distance.

I actually enjoyed the event this time, when last year it had been awful (although S had done very well). I chatted a little with C's mum and I really enjoyed watching the children dance.

Highlights, for me, were Reception doing "Here comes Sally coming down the alley", which was cute and funny, Nursery doing "Penguins" and of course, S's year doing their dances. S was dancing away nicely, but her partner looked really unenthusiastic. I think he might have been getting bossed. :)

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