Thursday, July 13, 2006

But anyway, any one of us could be dead tomorrow

I like living in my own little world, where I don't have to think too hard or worry too much. What good does worrying do?

What would you choose if it was to be a short life but a merry one, or one where you denied yourself things that make you happy, only to extend your life an undetermined length of time?

If you're on an escalator but don't know how far up it you are, and by stopping doing something, you can only slow it a little. At the top of the escalator is a drop that no-one can save you from. If you're at the bottom of the escalator, you can make your ride to the top a very slow one at the cost of not living freely. If you're near the top, you might save yourself only moments.

What do you choose when you don't know where on the escalator you are?

But anyway, any one of us could be dead tomorrow.


Abby said...

I would choose not having certain things and living a long life, especially now I have children and would like to live to see them grow up and be settled themselves.

Hippernicus said...

I think it depends greatly on which life stage you're at. I agree that, with kids, any extra time is worth it.

If you know you're on the way out and you could only buy yourself days, weeks or months, it might not seem worthwhile.

Maybe it could buy years? I don't know.