Thursday, July 20, 2006


The gym was great today. I broke into a glow :D, and for once didn't mind.

The pool afterwards was gorgeous. There was hardly anyone there: in fact, I had the pool to myself completely for a while. I must remember how good I feel, so that I can drag myself there again tomorrow. It's too easy to back-slide and not do it.

Hopefully giving up most of my forums will stop the computer being a distraction and way of putting things off. I once gave them up for about a month, and I didn't actually miss them much at all - but I made the damn fool mistake of starting to post "a little bit", which turned into rather a lot. And I was being a version of me all the time, rather than the real me.

I'll keep on my other forum, tho, as it often gives me interesting things to think about (it gave me the link to the pictures of Andromeda, which I find so amazing). Also, it doesn't move so fast that I start checking it more than once a day - and because they all seem so formidably intelligent, I rarely post. Ideal conditions. :)

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