Saturday, June 17, 2006

Socialising :)

I'm all excited because R is in Torquay this weekend and we're going to meet up for Sunday lunch tomorrow. It'll be good to see her. :D

The whole lot of us, the whole shebang is going, so we'll have to find a family-friendly eating place. But that should be easy as Torquay is a lovely seaside town and its lifeblood is tourism.

R is down with her bloke, so it'll be nice to meet him.

S's mad social whirl continues with yet another party today, with the same magician as usual. He's done virtually all the birthdays of her whole class. Must be the only one in the area or something. :D Then she's going straight to her best friend's house for a couple of hours. Poor M missed out on an invitation because she was away on holiday - I think she could've gone anyway, but M's parents didn't want to do that - and I guess I wouldn't have either, in their position :(.

But I'm sure the whole class was invited. Shame.

I love this break, cos she and T spent the whole morning screeching at each other.

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