Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shut up already!

Everything is Big Brother or Wayne Rooney at the moment. Yaaawwwwn. The woman doing a quiz show on telly just gleefully announced Mr Rooney will be out there and may be able to play in a match. Big whoop.

I saw a bit of Big Brother yesterday: I have this tendency to leave the telly on while I'm mucking about on the computer. Some ghastly young woman was ranting and raving in the diary chair about two of her housemates, (one of whom seemed to have done a bit of a Lolo Ferrari). She's dead. She died in 2000 in murky circumstances: at first it looked like suicide through drug overdose, but then it seemed to have been deliberate suffocation. Her husband spent a year in prison, but was subsequently released without charge. Her life-story was quite sad, it seems from the Wiki. Anyway, she was going absolutely mental about these people. I think perhaps Big Brother ought to slip some bromide in her tea, or something.

Another one seemed to have a very limited vocabulary; every other word was fuck or fucking. What on earth does she say when she's really angry or upset?

I sound like a right old fart. Oh well.

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Abby said...

Big Brother, they all need some poison in their food intake I think. The whole lorra them. I watch it by default, but I never vote, that to me would represent an unironic unnecessary over-devotion to the whole enterprise. I watch, I don't interact. If I did though I would vote that "Pete" out who everyone thinks is so cute with his Tourettes. (He says "Wankers" every two seconds, how very apt.)

I think I have that Lee Strobel book, if it's the one I'm thinking of it explains things like how God in the Old Testament wipes out entire tribes and why he does it. Very interesting.