Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mission 101?

I'm not sure I'll be able to think of 101 things, but here's the first things that came to mind:

  1. go to London for a night or two to see A and R
  2. email friends regularly
  3. go to N.I. en famille to visit M's side
  4. volunteer at the school
  5. apply for Primary PGCE
  6. lose 2 stone
  7. train at gym at least 3 times a week
  8. swim at least 3 times a week
  9. sort out the pony's papers
  10. finish breaking the pony in
  11. read at least one non-fiction book a month
  12. get T on list for nursery
  13. join a bookclub, if there is one locally
  14. set up 2nd savings account for T (like Ss)
  15. set up 2nd savings account for S (similar to T's babybond one)
  16. start saving more ourselves
  17. attend at least one bitch & titch session every week with T, as well as swimming & storytime
  18. take S swimming at least once a fortnight
  19. join S up to Rainbows or dance classes
  20. get on housing lists, update and apply for houses
  21. finish the fence at bottom of garden

Maybe that's enough to be going on with?


Abby said...

I like number 1! :)

This idea looks too much like a guilt-inducing new year's resolution type thing that I know I wouldn't manage, so... might as well not try. But good luck to you.

Hippernicus said...

Thanks. I'm just hoping it will motivate me to get on with things a bit more.

Hippernicus said...

First one off the list:

get T on list for nursery. Done! :D

Hippernicus said...

In regard to 19, I have booked S into football training, so that substitutes for either dance or rainbows. If she likes it.