Monday, June 26, 2006

Maybe she's just not hungry

This morning I was reduced to the "there are millions of people starving in Africa" argument. It didn't work on me as a kid, and it doesn't work on S. I could hear myself as my mother, but I just couldn't stop going down that same path.

Maybe she's just not hungry.

What I find horrendously irritating is she asks for something else, and this would probably go on ad infinitum. I could make her something else, and she'd eat a little, then ask for something else. What I really need is about a million instant bite-size mini-meals and she could have loads of different choices all on one plate.

On the other hand, just saying "it's this or nothing", looks attractive. :D

Maybe she's just not hungry.


Abby said...

If m'boy turns up his nose at food, then without a word I whisk it away and plonk it down in front of m'girl. Son squawks and instantly settles down to eat. Problem solved!

Hippernicus said...

Unfortunately most of the time T follows S's lead and sort of waits for her to try her food before he'll touch his. :( Grummock.