Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Inevitable Wrongness of Being a Parent

Yesterday S was complaining of a dodgy tummy, but I sent her to school anyway as I know her best friend is away on holiday. She tried this tack successfully last time her friend was off school, and staged a remarkable recovery almost as 9am came and went. I toyed with the idea of taking her in late, but M was against it. 'Course he wasn't the one who had to change his plans, but anyway...

So on this experience, I decided to take her in despite her claiming the gippy tummy. But I was wrong. When she came home, she fell asleep almost immediately and slept all evening. Apart from when she sleep-walked (not sure about my tenses here) and went to wee on the bin. Fortunately I was able to redirect her to the loo and she automatically got into bed after that. I felt tremendously guilty; poor thing was running a temperature and very sorry for herself.

But today she seems fine and I sent her to school again, although I'd been sure she'd have to stay home today. Hmmm. I expect I was wrong again.

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