Saturday, June 17, 2006

I shouldn't be allowed out alone!

I went into town to get T a baby swim seat (so I can float him and not have to be one-handed the whole time we're at swimming pools) and S a new swimming cossie. Also to get M a father's day card.

I came back with an inflatable 3-in-1 bouncy castle, slide and paddling pool. It was reduced. It was an impulse. Oops. I think we'll have to invest in a foot pump!

I bought M the first series of Green Wing on DVD for his Father's Day present. I got £2 knocked off, because the shop had placed them in the wrong section and it was clearly labelled one price when in fact it was supposed to be sold at another. So that makes a change, an error in my favour. :D

And I got T some tangerine flavoured non-dairy chocolate bars from Boots.

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