Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy days

I think the kids are having some very nice days at the moment.

Yesterday I took them swimming at a new leisure centre. I tried T in his new Floaties swim seat. To my surprise, at first he seemed happy in it and he marched off across the shallow part of the pool (which was at just the right depth for walking in it without risk of tipping). But he soon changed his mind and thought it was evil and restrictive and wanted out, out, O U T!

And he wasn't best pleased by my wanting to carry him and hold him otherwise. He wanted to be independent. But the only area he could be, was the shallow area, and he wasn't satisfied with that. He kept heading off towards the steps into the deeper water, and I had to keep hauling him back. He was so determined I started to be tempted to let him discover what I mean by "too deep!" :D He was in paroxysms of rage as I tried to stop him drowning himself.

I think it was too late for him and he may have still been hungry, so I think I'll have to plan swimming better, if we're going to do it during the week. Or I'll see if he can stay with mum while I take S. It may be something he can only go to during the day, as it's quite an exhausting activity for him: all the noise and people, getting changed, not being able to pootle about as he likes.

S was having a good time. She's very proud of her doggy-paddling abilities.

Today I took T to bitch & titch and he seemed to enjoy it alright. He likes the singing part, and the toys, but seemed concerned by the other babies who have the audacity to want to play too. We arrived fashionably late, but he was ready to leave after about three quarters of an hour anyway. He headed to the door and started banging on it in a "let me out, let me out" kind of way. :D

I didn't do very well on the mixing and actually talking to other mothers front, but at least I was there: it must be a step in the right direction.

And then we had a party with the neighbours, as their granddaughter was one this week. It was perfect for the children: they had a small bouncy castle, paddling pools, trampoline, bubble machine and a ball-pit outdoors and it was a lovely sunny day. T was in & out of the ball-pit, and up & down the slide of the bouncy castle. S made friends with two older girls quickly, bouncing madly on the trampoline and splashing in the larger pool. After some party food, T decided he would go for a paddle, but was having none of the wussy baby paddling pool: so I ended up paddling in my jeans with him in the big pool. Our hosts and the other guests probably thought I was a sandwich short of a picnic. :D

Oh, and S was given a book to write and draw her own reviews and ideas about her reading books everyday, as her teacher wants to give her more motivation and challenge in what she is doing. She's ahead of her peers and the class readers dread reading with her, as her books are so much longer than all the other children's ones. So I think the teacher thought that she isn't getting as much attention and encouragement to progress. I'm pleased that the teacher is picking up on her needs, and as proud of my girl as a proud thing that's particularly proud today. :D


Abby said...

WTdickens is "bitch and titch"? Not BMC lingo I hope! Harrumph. :)

Well done for going. I think 45 minutes is very commendable under the circumstances. Those things are very hard to socialise at what with keeping an eye on your children trying to kill each other in the background. I'm quite glad that stage is over with for mine.

Hippernicus said...

Yes it is, whoops! #Blush# But it seems appropriate. :)