Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Friendship past resurrecting?


I ran into Y at the gym today. And we chatted for quite a while and exchanged numbers. She wanted to know when I usually use the gym, so maybe she'll come down again at around the same time. I said maybe we could have a pub lunch sometime, as she's at a loose end at the moment, on maternity leave.

She's recently out of hospital as she had pre-eclampsia with her pregnancy and had to have an emergency caesarian. She has a little girl, who is now in the high-dependency unit at the hospital, so at least out of intensive care. It sounds awful, and it's weird for her, as she's home on maternity leave, yet without her baby. Her little girl isn't likely to get out of hospital at least until her due date, which was mid-July.

I don't know whether this is the restart of the friendship or whether it'll fizzle, but I am open to either possibility, I think.

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