Friday, June 09, 2006

'Ear 'ear

The end of this week has been full of appointments for T.

Well, two anyway. :D

Yesterday we saw the dietitician, and she decided to ask the GP to prescribe super-duper non-dairy calorific specialist "milk"shakes, vitamin drops and a carbohydrate powder to add to some of his food. This is to boost up his calorie intake and make sure he's getting everything he needs. He's already eating as well as he can and following a centile line, but unfortunately it's a centile line below normal range. His own special centile, you might say. So hopefully we can build him up a bit more with these things.

And today we had an audiology appointment, which was amusing - they sounded noises and had boxes that lit up with a dancing bunny in one, and a shimmying pig in the other. It made him laugh and point. On the second ear, he lost interest a bit and was almost falling asleep, but it seems his hearing is fine. He has catarrh in his ears, which they want to check goes naturally, so we have to go back in 3 months.

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