Thursday, June 01, 2006

Come out, Phoebe!

We had a good day yesterday: we went to the beach. :) It was nice when the sun was out, but chilly when it went behind the fluffy white clouds. So the family cry of "Come out, Phoebe" was issued.

I saw that there is a lovely nature trail near the beach, and we thought we might try that today if the weather holds.

Or maybe we'll go to the leisure centre in a nearish town and see what its prices and facilities are like. Although I have a membership locally, it's very expensive to join up as a family, yet I want S to be able to go swimming. It might be worth the extra travelling/inconvenience to look at this other place. It also has a créche and longer opening hours.

T was very clingy and miserable yesterday, which spoilt the beach somewhat. I was worried he was getting sick again. He seems ok today, but still a bit hotter to the touch than I like. :(

Please no.

M seems a bit reluctant to let us have the car again today - wants us to borrow mum's if possible, but I think while S is on holiday, we might as well have it: it's got better child seats and it's bigger, comfier. I suppose it's a bit of a bummer being stranded at work, but ... tough really. :D And I don't see why I should put mum and stepdad out, when I can put him out instead.

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