Friday, June 02, 2006

Christian killcrazydeathrampage game?

Not sure what I make of this. At all. Sort of, huh?

The team behind the "Left Behind" books bring us a Christian shoot-'em-up?

Violent Video Game Marketed Through Mega Churches


Abby said...

Marketing of religious products to a religious market. By-passing the entire point of Christianity by a wide margin. Whoever came up with this idea ought to be boiled alive in a vat of warm marmalade. Harrumph.

Splee is reading an American book about this sort of thing called "Adventures in Missing the Point" by Brian Maclaren and Tony Campolo where the authors say this "Are our churches and broadcasts and books and organisations merely creating religious consumers of religious products and programs? Are we creating a self-isolating self-serving self-perpetuating self-centered subcultre instead of a world-penetrating world-serving God-centred counterculture?" That seemed relevant somehow.

Hippernicus said...

I like the title of that book. :D Seems a fair summation of this particular adventure into the gaming world.