Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bloody quacks

I hate going to the doctors. I took T in for an appointment to get the things that the dietitician suggested. She had said to do that after a couple of days, as she would write to the surgery and inform them what was required. So like a good little soldier, I made an appointment but there were none until today.

The doctor wondered why we'd come and told me his prescription had been in and waiting for a week.

How is that any good to T, if no-one tells me?

He also wants to get his allergy/intolerance formally confirmed, which is understandable and good. So he's written to the paediatrician to arrange that. Wonderful. Except he asked why we hadn't had an appointment with the consultant before now: it's cos the consultant cancelled it, (despite having said in the hospital that he would have to, as a matter of urgency, no matter what other appointments he had, fit T in within a month of our discharge from hospital). He probably cancelled cos other health professionals thought we were doing ok and it wasn't urgent after all.

But I feel like the GP might think I cancelled it, and that I can't be bothered to go in and get T's prescriptions.

I'm probably being daft and paranoid.


Abby said...

Sounds annoying! I am like that though, I make appointments and ask for referrals and then I fail to follow them up. Silly really! One of these days it will count against me that I keep doing this, but then it's surely a good thing if I cancel cos then I'm not using up the NHS's time and resources when I don't really need to. Things keep getting better on their own with my family.

Hippernicus said...

I didn't fail to follow up, tho. :) It's them cancelling on me and looking askance anyway.