Monday, June 26, 2006


Ack, arse, alack. M has said our dirty weekend for our anniversary is in doubt for monetary reasons.

He says we'll still donate the kids to my mum for the weekend and go for a meal and such at home, whatever happens.

But I don't want to. :(

I want to pout and sulk and gurn. I want to drum my heels and tantrum. I want a hotel and not to have to do the washing up for a day or two.

And what happens if S starts on how she misses us and all that, as she is wont to do, even if we just go out for an evening. (I don't think it's that she really misses us, just a weapon in the staying-up-late battle). If she knows we're at our house, and if she or he are difficult, it's going to be easier for mum to ask us to put them to bed and so on.

I sound selfish. I am selfish.

I wish the bloody woman would send us his payslips so he can apply for the tax-rebate he's owed on his travelling expenses, so that we will be able to go. Her name is Amber and she's keeping us on amber.

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