Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Yesterday we all went to peer in the windows of our pub-to-be.

M doesn't like the carpet. :D

We went for a gander round the area and it had lots of green areas, sort of sports fields, with nothing in 'em. So that was alright: I can see the children playing there a bit. There was a stream at the bottom, in which we counted 6 supermarket trolleys and a toy pushchair. A bit dreary.

We saw two teenaged girls pushing a trolley along with their coats in it. They abandoned it in a corner, obviously for the important purpose of carrying their coats on the way back, or for the noble sport of trolley chucking at some later date.

That said, the area is generally reasonably attractive, with the housing quite decent.

As we were leaving, we spotted a small playground in the opposite direction to that we had walked, so that was good. The beer garden needs some work: weeding/planting/rebuilding of barbecue, plus possible introduction of play equipment. As for the accommodation, it's a bit of an unknown. Obviously we couldn't see it, as the pub was all closed up, and it's on the first floor. (We should have taken a ladder for our spying. :D) The information on it is that there are 4 spacious rooms, wc and bathroom. I'm not sure whether the kitchen is one of those rooms or whether it is unlisted. I expect it is a two bedroom flat, but it'd be nice if it had 3.

Tomorrow I'm going with M to meet these potential employers and see the place properly.

I can't say I'm wildly enthusiastic about all this, but I guess I become accustomed to anywhere. After all, I was desperately unhappy about moving here. 8) Now I don't want to leave, I've got this trying-to-dig-in-roots thing going, that I never had before. I guess it's the schooling and upheaval of kids that has changed my perspective.

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